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Saturday, January 6, 2018

How It All Began

I tell people I have 2 first stories when it comes to Funko Pop Figure Collecting. The first time I actually purchased a pop figure it was to give away as gifts. Although, now I wish I had kept both of them, I am happy to say the gifts are still displayed at my niece’s house and my best friend’s house. The Christmas of 2013 I wanted to buy a stocking stuffer type gift for both my best friend and my niece. I couldn’t think of what to get because I wanted it to be something that they loved. Then one day I was picking up my weekly comic books from my local #LCS and I noticed these bobble heads. Now granted I have always hated the traditional bobble head figures that seems to have always been around. But, these were different. These little toys had a particular appeal and I fell in love with the “ideal” of giving them as gifts. To my best friend I bought a #MichaelJackson #SmoothCriminal figure because he was a huge fan Michael. And to my niece a #WickedWitchOfTheWest figure because she absolutely loved the #musical #Wicked. I actually didn’t purchase any for myself. But, looking back I could have owned some of the grails I am look for today (at retail cost). LOL

The second encounter with #FunkoPop figures came while my mom and I was shopping at #BarnesAndNoble one day. The store was having a #Halloween even and a local #HauntedHouse was having a drawing for prizes. My mom and I both placed our names in the drawing and left. Before I could go down the street, I get a call from the Haunted House reps and they had just drawn my name out for a prize. I swung back around and walked back in the store to get my prize. At that moment, when the guy gave me my very first Pop Figure of my own I was hooked. It was a #ConeheadZombie Pop from the #PlantsVsZombies series that I really didn’t care for. But, like I said before it just had an appeal that I have never been able to shake. Now 3oo Pops in and a lot of money spent I am a #CertifiedPopHunter or I am just crazy. Either way it has been a fun adventure!!
What is your “first pop” story?

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