It's A Pop Thing

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Mystery Mini Challenge

Contest Rules and Point Ledger

1. You must unbox 1 to 3 Avengers Mystery Minis
2. You must have video proof that the minis you unboxed 
are for that week of the contest.  You can only submit a maximum of 3 minis per week (2 week contest)
3. First week is from April 8 to 14, Second week is from April 15 to the 21. Only 3 unboxings will be allowed for each week.
4.You must tag "its a pop thing" on any of our social media sites instagram, youtube or facebook for submission.
5. It's for fun nothing too serious
6. One winner with the most points will receive a 20 dollar 
gift card to Fandango.


All 1/6 Commons are worth 3 pts
All 1/12 Un-Commons are worth 6pts
All 1/24 Rare are worth 10pts
All 1/36 Very Rare are worth 15pts
All 1/72 Super Rare are worth 20pts
If you get a store exclusive (walmart, target or hot topic) add 3pts to your rarity value above.

Good Luck! Let's have some fun!

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