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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Who Could They Be At SDCC?!?

As we race toward this year's San Diego Comic Con all attendees (like me) have been bombarded with all the possibilities that may await them on Harbor Drive.  We also have begun to finalize plans, confirm reservations and start mapping out plans to best maximize our time there. I for one just changed hotels to be a little closer to the beach, the airport and the convention center.  This year we will be staying in San Diego in gorgeous Point Loma!! But, with all that being planned out, reserved and confirmed that isn't the only thing that is keeping us awake at night.  With SDCC announcing and implementing the new Exclusive Items Portals the anxiety has risen to a level 10 on the geek-o-meter. This year instead of standing in line for your favorite exclusive item or signing, SDCC rolled out their portal for a random drawing for Funko, Lego, Hasbro and UCC (what ever that is). For some of us that means we get a fair chance at getting in a desired line for a desired exclusive or autograph.  This year I will actually get some sleep.  Although, just getting into the Convention Hall can be a struggle in itself, knowing whether you have to stand in line only to stand in another line FOR A CHANCE at an exclusive is a little less stressful.  
But, this year I have a small advantage because of my Entertainment Earth distributor status.  I not only get to hang out at the VIP section in the booth.  I am able to get first in line passes and signings each day.  So, now my worry is WHO WILL THEY BE!!  I have researched a little and in the past Entertainment Earth has hosted the cast of Twin Peaks and the one and only William Shatner!! I begin thinking about the exclusives and what they have been posting on Twitter. The whole "Thanos" is coming and with exclusive items from Avengers Infinity War it makes me wonder will they host Josh Brolin for signings? Or someone from the movie.  Then I thought well they are getting a shared Funko Hellboy Exclusive.. Will Ron Pearlman be a guest in their booth? The possibilities are endless and I am now wondering how many times can I circle their booth without getting dizzy. 
Keep Checking back here, the facebook page and youtube for the live feeds and we will find out together!!

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